Questions to Ask
a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

A great real estate agent is worth their weight in gold. They can help find buyers & sell your home fast for more money.

Here are some important questions to ask:

How Many Sales did they Close Last Year?
Experience and a proven track record in your local area and your style of home is important. Past performance doesn’t guarantee a quick sale – But a track record of success provides a good indication.

Ask a potential agent about:

  • Their previous sales,
  • Where these sales were
  • What type of properties they sold
  • What the sale prices were
  • How recent their sales were

You may also want to ask for recommendations from previous clients. It is also good to look at

The Importance of Local Knowledge
More often than not, an agent that is a local expert can give you a huge advantage.  Local agents should be across everything that is happening in the community and aware of any upcoming developments, plans for shops and amenities that may affect your sale.

A local expert will also have a good idea of what buyers are looking for. 

Your agent needs to be able to not only sell your home, but your neighbourhood

Listing Price Sweet Spot
There are few things as important to you as the discussion of how to price your home. Once again, local knowledge is the vital ingredient in hitting the price sweet spot. Talk to the agent and ensure they explain clearly why and how they have come up with a list price.

Be careful of agents who will give you the price you want to hear so that they can get your business. When in actual fact they are over valuing your home and will end up with a sale far less.

Sales and Marketing Plan
Rarely does a house sell itself. Ask the agent for a detailed sales & marketing plan

A good agent will have a written plan for selling your home that identifies the marketing plan for your property to attract buyers.

Ask for a written “Marketing Schedule” this will detail what marketing will be done where and how and what costs are involved.

Ask for Advice
A good agent will provide you advice (and assistance) for getting your home ready for sale.

This might be necessary repairs or upgrades, cleaning, or suggestions for budget-friendly but impactful improvements to attract buyers.  Speak with them about viewings and open homes schedule.

Ask about the costs that you will be paying such as part of the agreement – Marketing / Commission / Closing fees / Staging etc, so you can plan accordingly.