Venkata Vema

Venkata is a licensed real estate sales consultant and an efficient negotiator with over 26+ years’ experience in the IT & Real Estate Industry. Originally born in India, he has worked and traveled to Asia Pacific & UK.

Venkata loves securing a client trust and building relationships. What matters to him and is most fulfilling is sharing a journey with people and being instrumental in making a positive difference for them in their lives.

There are no secret ingredients in his recipe for success other than trust, commitment, and respect.

Committed to continual improvement in the real estate industry, Venkata has a genuine belief and understanding that people are an essential part of any property transaction.

Whether selling or buying, honesty, integrity, and empathy are non-negotiable aspects of the service Venkata will provide. He is very accommodating with his clients and not afraid to go the extra mile. Venkata works hard to make sure his clients are comfortable with their investments.

Rest assured, as he listens to clients’ needs and wants.

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